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Not only specilized in the manufacturing of pesticide products, SinoHarvest is also a serivce oriented company who is able to provide more value added services for your agrochemical business in China.

Our sophisticated services include,

Pesticide products registration in China

For most companies doing business in the agrochemical industry Pesticide Registration is the most important part for production, sales and international trade. With more than 15 years of domestic sale in China and international trading experience for agrochemical business, SinoHarvest have great knowledge and experience to provide customer pesticide registration service.

SinoHarvest personnel have a thorough understanding of the processes and requirements for registering pesticides with the Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China.

Also, we maintains a strong working relationship with the Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China and other state regulatory authorities that may guarantee the quality of our pesticide registration service in China.

Agrochemical factory search and preview

SinoHarvest started the business from agrochemical purchasing office in China for international companies since the mid of 1980s. We help the foreign companies find the qualified factories in China based on their special requirements.

As Chinese economy is booming for years, there are thousands of agrochemical factories in China and if you are looking for a reliable and specific one for manufacturing purpose, SinoHarvest will act as your local representative in China to find the candidates for your further examination.

If you are having some business with current agorchemical manufacturers in China, we can also be your representative or agent to take some preview or investigation on the factory.

With more than 15 years of searching and reviewing the agorchemical factories in China, we know what criterion to be care of based on your requirements.

Exporting goods inspection

It will cost much time and money for the buyer, if the goods inspection job is not being done well in the factory before export, especially the agrochemical products.

In addition to providing the agrochemical products worldwide, we are also able to offer the service of pesticide goods inspection on your behalf in the factory in China.

If you worry about the products will arrive in good and required condition, or the packing will be set correctly, SinoHarvest will be your professional inspector to perform a strick verfication check on your agrochemical products to make sure the integrity of your products before export.

SinoHarvest has been doing the agrochemical business based in China for more than 15 years. As more and more international buyers come to China for agrochemical manufacturing, you may have some 'Chinese' problems that we have good knowledge, experience and relationship to help.

We believe the service for the agrochemical business will not be less important than the product itself, particularly in China.

You are highly wleocme to contact us for more detail for the services we can provide. Please find your time to fill the form below for further communication.

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Client Testimonial
" Instant assistance and professional support are what SinoHarvest is distinctive from the other agrochemical manufacturers and suppliers that we have been doing business with for more than 15 years. "

Chris Clock
Jadis Corporation, France

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