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Terbutryn Specification

Active Ingredient 98%, 96% min
Appearance White powder

Terbutryn Physical And Chemical Properties

Chemical Name


Empirical Formula C10H19N5S
Molecular Weight 241.4
Structural Formula Terbutryn structural formula
Melting point 104-105 °C

In water (22 °C ). In acetone 220,hexane 9,n-octanol 130, methanol 220, toluene 45 (all in g/l, 20 °C ). Also readily soluble in dioxane, diethyl ether, xylene, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, dimethylformamide. Slightly soluble in petroleum ether.

Vapor pressure 0.225 m Pa (25 °C ) .
Corrosive properties  
Explosive properties  
Combustible properties  

Terbutryn Formulations


Terbutryn Application


Terbutryn is a selective herbicide, absorbed by the roots and foliage, with translocation acropetally through the xylem, and accumulation in the apical meristems.

Used pre-emergence in winter cereals at 1-2 kg a. i. / ha to control blackgrass and annual meadow grass. Among the autumn-germinating broad-leaved weeds controlled are chickweed, mayweed, poppies and speedwell, but cleavers are rather resistant. Other pr-emergence uses are on sugar cane and sunflowers, and , in mixture with terbuthylazine, on beans, peas and potatoes. In mixture with metolachlor, used in cotton and peanuts. Also used post-emergence. (0.2-0.4 kg/ha) in cereals, (1-3 kg/ha) in sugar cane, and as a directed spray in waterways, reservoirs and fish ponds.

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