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Pretilachlor Specification

Active Ingredient 95%, 97%, 98% min.
Appearance colorless liquid

Pretilachlor Physical And Chemical Properties

Chemical Name

2-chloro-N -2' , 6' -diethyl-N(2-propoxy ethyl)aceta nilide

Empirical Formula C17H26CINO2
Molecular Weight 311.9
Structural Formula Pretilachlor  structural formula
Melting point -20 °C

0.50g /l in water, Miscible in benzene, methane, methanol,dichloromethane n-hexane

Vapor pressure Approx. 0.133 mPa 20 °C
Corrosive properties Corrosive to iron
Explosive properties  
Combustible properties  

Pretilachlor Formulations

  50%w/v EC, 30%w/v EC, 360g /l EC

Pretilachlor Application


Pretilachlor is 2-chloro-aceba nilide selective herbicide , Acts by inhibition of cell division.Used in the rice paddy to control annual grasses , sedges and many broad-leave weeds such as: Echinochloa Beauvois,Cyperus difformis, Monochoria vaginalis(Burm ?f ?)Preslex Kunth, Eleocharis yokoscensis( Sav.)Tang et Wang,, apply onto saturated soil 3days before or 5days after the transplant of rice seedlings. Rate: 90 g AI/ha.

The mixture of Pretilachlor and Fenclorim has a good selectivity of rice.

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