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Pencycuron Specification

Active Ingredient 95% min. 90% min.
Appearance Colorless crystals

Pencycuron Physical And Chemical Properties

Chemical Name N-[(4-chlorophenyl)methyl]-N-cyclopentyl-N ' -phenylurea
Empirical Formula C19H21ClN2O
CAS NO. 6 6063-05-6
Molecular Weight 328.8
Structural Formula Pencycuron structural formula
Melting point 129.5°C
Solubility 0.3mg/l in water, 200-500g/l in dichloromethane, 2-5g/l in isopropylalcohol, 20-50g/l in toluene, 0.1-1.0g/l in hexane
Vapor pressure >10-5mPa at 20°C
Acute oral LD50 > 5g /kg (rat)

Pencycuron Formulations

  25% W.P., 23.2% w/v S.C.

Pencycuron Application


Pencycuron is a non-systemic fungicide with a specific action against diseases caused by Rhizoctonia solani and Pellicularia spp. In potatoes, rice, sugar beets, cotton and ornamentals.

Pencycuron was registered in 1993 for use as 'seed' treatment of potatoes (250 ppm). It is used solely for this purpose.

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