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OPDA Specification

Active Ingredient 98%
Appearance Light brownish flakes.

OPDA Physical And Chemical Properties

Chemical Name O-Phenylenediamine
Empirical Formula C6H8N2
CAS No. 95-54-5
Molecular Weight 108.2
Structural Formula OPDA structural formula
Melting point 103-104°C
Solubility Practically insoluble in cold water, soluble in hot water, Benzene and organic solvent.
Vapor pressure 0.013 mbar at 20°C
Acute oral LD50 1070mg/kg (rat)

OPDA Formulations


OPDA Application


OPDA is a chemical intermediate used in the synthesis of fungicides, corrosion inhibitors, pigments and pharmaceuticals. OPDA is also used to remove elemental sulfur in mining ores, and to remove aldehyde color formers in polymeric products.

The product is an intermediate of pesticides, dyes, helping agents and sensitive materials as a dye(fur yellow brown M). OPDA is used in making polyamide, polyurethane, carbendazo, thiopanate, Indanthrene searlet, levelling agent GG, antioxidant M and other product.

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