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OIT Specification

Active Ingredient 99% min.
Appearance Transparent to Amber Liquid

OIT Physical And Chemical Properties

Chemical Name 2-n-Octyl-4-Isothiazolin-3-One
Empirical Formula OIT: C11H19NOS
CAS No. 26530-20-1
Molecular Weight 213.34
Structural Formula OIT structure formula
Boiling Point 120 °C at 0.01 mm Hg
Solubility Negligible

OIT Application


Isothiazolinones containing sulfur atom (S), nitrogen (N), oxygen (O) at 3 position and hydrogen (H) can find application for making broad-spectrum biocides and preservatives such as antiseptic agents, bactericides, slimicides, and fungicides.  

The biggest application is in paint industry especially marine antifouling agent. They are also used in adhesives, cutting oils, water systems, cosmetics, household goods and wound protectant for pruning cuts. They are also used as pulp and wood impregnating agents as well as in leather, fur and polymer process. It is known to cause allergy and chemical burn if high concentration is used in personal care products and cosmetics.

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