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Metsulfuron-methyl Specification

Active Ingredient 95%min. 90% min.
Appearance Colorless crystals (pure).

Metsulfuron-methyl Physical And Chemical Properties

Chemical Name 2-[[[[(4-methox-6-methyl-1,3,5-triazin-2-yl)amino]carbonyl]amino]sulfonyl]benzoic acid
Empirical Formula C14H15N5O6S
CAS NO. 74223-64-6
Molecular Weight 381.4
Structural Formula Metsulfuron-methyl structural formula
Melting point 158°C
  • In water 0.55 (pH 5), 2.79 (pH 7), 213 (pH 9) (all in g/l , 25°C).
  • In xylene 0.58, ethanol 2.3, methanol 7.3, acetone 36, dichloromethane 121 (all in g/l, 20°C).
Vapor pressure 3.3 x 10-7 mPa (25°C)
Acute oral LD50 > 5g /kg (rat)

Metsulfuron-methyl Formulations

  60% WDG; 20%WDG; 60%WP;10%WP;20%WP

Metsulfuron-methyl Application


Metsulfuron-methyl is a residual sulfonylurea compound used as a selective pre- and postemergence herbicide for broadleaf weeds and some annual grasses. It is a systemic compound with foliar and soil activity, and it works rapidly after it is taken up by the plant.

Its mode of action is by inhibiting cell division in the shoots and roots of the plant, and it is biologically active at low use rates.

Metsulfuron-methyl controls a wide range of annual and perennial broad-leaved weeds in wheat, barley, rice and oats, rye, and pastures by either pre- or post-emergence application, at 4 -7.5 g /ha post-emergence.

It can be used with other foliar herbicides, and is typically applied on cereals at 0.004 - 0.007 pounds active ingredient/acre, and on non-crop areas at 0.005-0.160 pounds active ingredient/acre. Surfactants increase the activity of metsulfuron-methyl on certain broad-leaved weeds.

Metsulfuron-methyl Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Table Of Content
  • chemical product and company identification
  • composition / information on ingredients
  • hazards identification
  • first aid measures
  • fire fighting measures
  • handling and storage
  • exposure controls/personal protection
  • regulatory information

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