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MIPC (Isoprocarb)

MIPC (Isoprocarb) Specification

Active Ingredient 95% min. 98%min.
Appearance white crystalline

MIPC (Isoprocarb) Physical And Chemical Properties

Chemical Name 2-(1-methylethyl)phenyl methylcarbamate
Empirical Formula C11H15NO2
CAS No. 2631-40-5
Molecular Weight 193.2
Structural Formula MIPC (Isoprocarb) structural formula
Melting point 88-93°C
Solubility Insoluble in water, Readily soluble in acetone, methanol
Vapor pressure 0.1333mPa ( 25°C )
Acute oral LD50 450-500mg/kg (rat)

MIPC (Isoprocarb) Formulations

  20 % (w/v) EC, 25% (w/v) EC, 2% DP, 4% DP

MIPC (Isoprocarb) Application


MIPC (Isoprocarb) is a highly active, quickly knock-down effective and short-period residual insecticide with contact action. It is especially effective to control the paddy leafhoppers, black rice leafhoppers, plant hoppers.

It is also active against pests of fruit and vegetable as well as cotton aphids, cotton pink bollworms, ted spiders, beet flea beetles, and can kill the paddy leaches in certain extent

Recommended application rate: 0.5 -0.75 kg a.i./ha

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