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Indoxacarb Specification

Active Ingredient 95%TC
Appearance White powder

Indoxacarb Physical And Chemical Properties

Chemical Name methyl (S)-N-[7-chloro-2,3,4a,5-tetrahydro-4a- (methoxycarbonyl)indeno[1,2-e][1,3,4]oxadiazin-2-ylcarbonyl]- 4′-(trifluoromethoxy)carbanilate
Empirical Formula C22H17ClF3N3O7
Molecular Weight 527.8
Structural Formula Indoxacarb structural formula
Melting point 88.1 °C
Solubility <0.5mg/L at 20°C
Vapor pressure <1.010^-5Pa(20-25°C)

Indoxacarb Formulations

  150g/L SC

Indoxacarb Application


Indoxacarb is an insecticide active by contact and ingestion, affecting insects cease feeding, with poor co-ordination, paralysis and ultimately death. Used for broad-spectrum control of Lepidoptera in cotton, vegetables and fruit. Also for control of cockroaches and ants.

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