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Fosetyl-aluminum Specification

Active Ingredient 90%, 95% min.
Appearance fine white, odorless powder

Fosetyl-aluminum Physical And Chemical Properties

Chemical Name Aluminum tris(ethyl phosphonate)
Empirical Formula C6H18AlO9P3
Molecular Weight 354.1
Structural Formula Fosetyl-aluminum structural formula
Melting point more than 300 °C
Solubility In water 120g /l (25 °C).
Vapor pressure Not available.
Corrosive properties Non-corrosive
Explosive properties  
Combustible properties  

Fosetyl-aluminum Formulations

  40%WP, 80%WP,80%WDG

Fosetyl-aluminum Application


Fosetyl-aluminium is an extensive antiseptic of two-way conduction.

Fosetyl-aluminium specializes in curing and preventing frost downy mildew and epidemic disease for fruit, vegetable & flower.

To control a range of Phytophthora and Pythium incited diseases in citrus, pineapples, avocado, ornamentals, vegetables, apples, strawberries, tobacco and grapevine.

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