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Diazinon Specification

Active Ingredient 95%, 98% mini.
Appearance colorless to dark brown liquid with a faint ester-like odour.

Diazinon Physical And Chemical Properties

Chemical Name O,O-diethyl 0-2-isopropyl-6-methyl (pyrimidine-4-yl) phosphorothioate
Empirical Formula C12H21N2O3PS
Molecular Weight 304.35
Structural Formula Diazinon structural formula
Melting point  
Solubility 60 mg/litre in water at 20°C ;completely miscible with common organic solvents, e.g., ethers, acetone,alcohols, benzene, toluene,cyclohexane,hexane, dichloromethane, petroleum oils
Vapor pressure 0.097mPa ( 20 °C )
Corrosive properties Non-corrosive
Explosive properties  
Combustible properties  

Diazinon Formulations

  40%WP, 50% ( w/w ) EC; 5%G,10%G

Diazinon Application


Diazinon is a contact organophosphorus insecticide with a wide range of insecticidal activity. It is effective against adult and juvenile forms of flying insects, crawling insects, acarians and spiders.

Usurally Diazinon is used on home gardens and farms to control a wide variety of sucking and leaf eating insects. Also Diazinon is used on rice, fruit trees, sugarcane, corn, tobacco, potatoes and on horticultural plants.

It is also an ingredient in pest strips.

Diazinon has veterinary uses against fleas and ticks.

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