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DMPAT Specification

Active Ingredient 90% min. 93%min.95%min.
Appearance Light yellow or colorless transparent liquid.

DMPAT Physical And Chemical Properties

Chemical Name O,O-dimethyl phosphoramidothionate
Empirical Formula (CH3O)2PSNH2
CAS No. 10265-92-6
Molecular Weight 141.12
Structural Formula DMPAT structural formula
Melting point 158 °C
Solubility In water is 1%. It is soluble in most organic solvents; easily hydrolyzes in alkaline solutions.
Vapor pressure negligible
Acute oral LD50 100mg/kg (rat)

DMPAT Formulations


DMPAT Application


DMPAT is an important Intermediate for Pesticide Industry. Use in making Methamidophos, Acephate and Monocrotophos etc

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