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Chlorpyrifos Specification

Active Ingredient 96% min.
Appearance white granular crystalline powder

Chlorpyrifos Physical And Chemical Properties

Chemical Name O,O-diethyl O-3,5,6-trichloro-2-pyridylphosphorothioate
Empirical Formula C9H11Cl3NO3PS
CAS No. 2921-88-2
Molecular Weight 350.6
Structural Formula Chlorpyrifos Structural Formula
Melting point 42-43.5°C
Solubility 2mg/l in water, 6.5kg/kg in acetone, 7.9kg/kg in benzene, 450g/kg in methanol, 6.3kg/kg in chloroform
Vapor pressure 2.5mPa at 25°C
Acute oral LD50 163mg/kg (male rat),1000-2000mg/kg (rabbit)

Chlorpyrifos Formulations

  48% w/v E.C. , 40% w/v E.C., 40.8% w/w E.C.

Chlorpyrifos Application


Chlorpyrifos is a broad spectrum insecticide and acaricide. Chlorpyrifos is active by contact, ingestion, and vapor action.

It inhibits an enzyme of the nervous system (acetylcholine esterase); this causes convulsions and paralysis. Active against mosquitos (larvae and adults), soil and household pests, ectoparasites of cattle, sheep and poultry, foliar and fruit feeding pests of various field, tree fruit and vegetable crops.

Used as dip or spray to control ticks, lice and horseflies on beef and non-lactating dairy cattle, and blowflies, ticks, lice and keds on sheep.

Chlorpyrifos Toxicology Data

Table Of Content
  • Acute oral toxicology data
  • Acute dermal toxicology data

Chlorpyrifos Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Table Of Content
  • chemical product and company identification
  • composition / information on ingredients
  • hazards identification
  • first aid measures
  • fire fighting measures
  • accidental release measures
  • handling and storage
  • exposure controls / personal protection
  • physical and chemical properties
  • stability and reactivity
  • toxicological information
  • ecological information
  • disposal considerations
  • transport information
  • regulatory information
  • other information

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