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Benomyl Specification

Active Ingredient 95% min.
Appearance White crystalline solid

Benomyl Physical And Chemical Properties

Chemical Name Methyl 1-(butylcarbamoyl)benzimidazol-2-ylcarbamate
Empirical Formula C14H18N4O3
CAS NO. 17804-35-2
Molecular Weight 290.3
Structural Formula Benomyl structural formula
Melting point Decomposes without melting upon heating
Solubility 4mg/kg in water (pH 3-10), chloroform 94 g/kg; dimethylformamide 53 g/kg; acetone 18 g/kg; xylene 10 g/kg; ethanol 4 g/kg.
Vapor pressure Negligible
Acute oral LD50 > 1g /kg (rat)

Benomyl Formulations

  50% W.P.

Benomyl Application


Benomyl is effective as a pre-harvest systemic fungicide, and as a post-harvest dip or dust treatment for the protection of fruits, seeds and vegetables in storage.

Benomyl controls a wide range of fungal diseases of fruits, nuts, vegetables, field crops, turf and ornamentals. Powdery mildew, apple scab and grey mould fungus are well controlled.

It is also effective against mites. Registered benomyl usage specifies rates from 0.1 to 2.0 kg a.i./ha

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